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Maximize value.

E3Think is an urban developer and advisor.

It uses economics, technology and design to maximize financial value.

It is focused on leveraging technology, including blockchain, AI and IoT.

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Economics + Design + Technology to Maximize Value

Used this approache to increase the investment value of existing buildings, as well as land values in the US, England, Scotland and Germany.

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Reclaimation of Confiscated Properties

Reclaimed Jewish properties in former East Germany confiscated by the Third Reich; used design + planning strategies to maximize investment potential.

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Strategies for Large, Global Facilities Portfolio

Created strategies for a large OEM that both improved the balance sheet (short term) and aligned the portfolio with future business needs (long term). Developed decision support software tools.

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Living, Urban Innovation Showcase

Targetting both the trade and the public, Powerhouse showcases energy, mobility, connectivity and water innovation, as well as megatechs blockchain, AI and IoT.

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Weatherization of Significant Structures

One example is the Corpus Christi Monastery in the South Bronx. Reviewed various cleantech options (solar, wind): weatherization achieved highest ROI.

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Modules to Rapidly Rebuild after Disaster

Partnered with an NYC architectural firm experienced with projects in developing markets to create a rapid rebuild construction approach which included not only shelter, but also transporation and economy. Partnered with Taiwan government to do a pilot similar to this concept (above).

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Privately Financed, Public Bike Share Revenue Strategy

Captained two-year Harvard Alumni / Transportation Alternatives team which created revenue strategy for privately financed, public bike share (pre-Citibike).

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Facilities Strategies to Support Roll Out of Innovation

Developed facilities strategies to roll-out alternatively powered transportation including fuel cell and electric vehicles. Strategies included the supply chain.

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Turn Around of Disused Retail Real Estate

Used US-type trade mart business model (e.g. Pacific Design Center) to develop transformational strategy making a once disused London UK retail center into one of Europe's most successful niche trade marts (Chelsea Harbour Design Centre).

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Deploy Innovative High Tech Smart Bike Share

Spearheaded pilot that integrated conventional bike rental (Bike and Roll) with the first major demonstration smart bike program (Social Bicycles).

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Deploy Mobility Innovaton from NYC to Boston

Using bike share as starting point to roll out a wide array of new mobility technologies and models. Ultimately about creating path for autonomous vehicles in mid-size markets in this lucrative region.

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Deploy 5 Year Smart Bike Share in Hoboken

Developed plan and created team for this 5 year program. Given current bike share trends, assumption is that Hoboken will not renew current exclusive contract and opt for a multi operator approach.

The Inventropolis Project - twitter

Rocketing urban population growth, climate change, increased cyber security risks... E3Think launched Inventropolis as a think/do tank designed to develop investment grade projects and technologies to address these increasingly intractable challenges. The original Hoboken bike share pilot was the first product. After nine very successful pilots, Inventropolis is launching as a stand-alone company in 2018.

Launched at Tesla in 2011, past participants have included 11th Hour Racing, AutoShare, BCycle, Blue Phoenix, BMW, BMW I Ventures, Bronx River Alliance, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Con Edison, the Durst Organization, EnerKnol, Evatran | Plugless Power, Google, Governing Dynamics, IBM, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, MTB Ayiti (Haiti), Nextbike, NYC Chief Fleet Officer, NYC Department of City Planning, NYC Mayor’s Office, NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, NYCLHV Clean Cities, NYIT School of Management, Revolution Rickshaws, Roadify, Sailors for the Sea, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Sam Schwartz Engineering, Sobi, Terreform One, Tesla Motors, Transportation Alternatives, Trek Bicycles, Veolia and Worksman Cycles.

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Inventropolis @ 4th Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit

Inventropolis Summit 2017
Inventropolis Summit 2017
Inventropolis Summit 2017

I-95 Project

Led a Harvard Alumni / TransAlt financial strategy for NYC Bike Share (2009 - 2011), launched Inventropolis @Tesla Motors (2011 - present), spearheadedBike and Roll and Social Bicycles Hoboken Smart Bike pilot (2013) and later with Nextbike (2015 - present), incorporated cloud-based Noa Technologies into select northeast programs (2015 - 2017) and is currently developing private sector programs along northeast corridor (2015 - present)

Building off Hoboken, this is a 100% privately financed plan to use super data-driven, highly connected bike share as a way to roll out broad urban mobility. 100% privately financed means no tax dollars and no use of taxpayer assets for out-of-home advertising (taxpayer funding and assets should be used for public infrastructure). Furthermore, a core tenant of the plan is to provide social equity solutions. Finally, being data-driven and connected, this plan is designed to work with smart streets and the autonomous vehicle.


Experts + Advisors

Tom Glendening

Tom uses technology, economics and design to maximize the value of urban assets, and has created hundreds of millions of dollars of value. Real estate examples: transformation of disused retail center in London into successful niche trade mart; optimization of global facilities portfolio of major auto OEM; and reclamation of Jewish properties confiscated by the Third Reich. With transit he captained the Harvard Alumni Study to validate the private financing of a public bike share program for New York City. He spearheaded Hoboken’s bike share pilot and permanent program. He holds an MBA from Harvard, an MArch from Yale and a BS from Virginia.

Chris Hackett

Chris is an expert in business finance and valuation. He founded Greenwich Investment Research, a firm that produces research for professional investors, in 2001. Prior to this, Chris worked as a research associate for Professor Thomas Eisenmann at Harvard Business School, co-authoring cases on Qwest Communications and Net Market Makers. Earlier in his career, Chris was the first investment professional hire at Access Industries, an investment company which acquired Russian businesses; return on investment was extraordinary. Access became the second largest aluminum producer in Russia and the sixth largest in the world. Chris earned a BA from Albion College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Chris Wogas

Chris has a varied background leading teams centered on the bike as a hobby, transportation option, and as a delivery vehicle Chris served as President of Bike & Roll for over five years and spearheaded the movement from tourist only operations into the successful installation, launch and operation of a highly successful bike share system in Hoboken, NJ. Chris led operations for startup centered on combining technology and bike operations to make “last mile” delivery profitable, scalable, and green. Chris has operated dock-less bike share systems, as well as a stint working for the largest traditional bike share operator in the country. Chris holds dual bachelor degrees in business management and finance, as well as an MBA from Adelphi University.

Amy Chen

Amy is a co-founder of aSolar Inc, an NYC based solar project development company that provides full services of solar energy systems. Activities include project consulting, investment advisory, system design& engineering, material procurement and installation. Her green-tech exposure is widespread in North America, Asia, and Africa; including but not limited to utility scale solar farm development and investment, R&D of innovative technology, and international trading for green products. Amy holds a BA and BS (Economics & Electrical Engineering) from Queen’s University in Canada, and an MS(Electrical Engineering) from Columbia University.

Josh Yu

Josh facilitates collaboration between Asian companies and organizations in industries ranging from biodegradable products, LED, solar, and battery storage, to information and communication technology. Josh spearheaded the UrbanLab pilot in Taipei and Liberty State Park and is now focused on a pilot in Connecticut. Josh is deeply involved in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and specifically the power of media for promoting social and environmental causes. He also leads UrbanLabs’ block chain initiatives.

Joaquin Aviles-Lopez

Joaquin is the co-Founder and CEO of i4SD, a social enterprise that uses innovation to change the way infrastructure systems are planned and managed. i4SD works at the intersection of local data analysis, traditional infrastructure planning, smart metering technologies and mobile payment for services to offer a new range of solutions that make infrastructure projects viable and sustainable enabling access to larger segments of the population. With over 15 years of experience on infrastructure planning and management, including the public sector in Spain, The Earth Institute at Columbia University and private sector infrastructure companies, Mr Aviles has led the implementation of 100+ infrastructure projects in the areas of mobility, energy, water and ICT across many regions in the world, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Joaquin holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Granada in Spain, and a MS on International and Public Affairs with focus on International Development at the New School in New York.